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Integrity Integration Resources

July 11, 2020
Services/Products Description : 
Integrity Integration Resources (I2R) is an award winning Control System Integrator certified by CSIA (Control System Integrator Assoc.). As a Control System Integrator, we work with all the major Manufacturer hardware/software platforms. Control Systems Integrators receive the best discounts from manufacturers and offer customers discounts from list pricing. As a Control Systems Integrator, we work with and resell all of the major manufacturer hardware/software platforms. We receive the highest discounts from manufacturers as a Control System Integrator compared to end users and can offer pricing below manufacturer list prices. Along with component hardware/parts, we can provide integration and commissioning services (turn-key) if required. As a Control System Integrator, we are a reseller of all major manufacturer hardware/software platforms. Basically, anything that you would need to support/maintain your Control Systems...can be provided by our company. We receive large manufacturer discounts and can pass savings onto end users. Manufacturer discounts vary from the respective companies...but generally we can offer 15-20% off commercial list pricing. Please note;Texas School Law Bulletin 44.031, section f states: "This section does not apply to a contract for professional services rendered, including services of an architect, attorney, certified public accountant, engineer, or fiscal agent. A school district, may at its option, contract for professional services rendered by a financial consultant or a technology consultant in the manner provided by Section 2254.003, Government Code, in lieu of the methods provided by this section."
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Ron Davis
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